Posts with Longevity

I have gathered together here some posts from the previous iteration of this site that seem to carry a longevity to them. The nature of posts is that many have a shelf-life, others carry more weight – they are either not time-bound or capture something that is worth remembering. Hopefully this page will make finding what you want a little easier.

I also published a set of posts that I consider are very key to understanding the nature of election: corporate and for a purpose. I track the trajectory of Israel's election for the nations, through her fall from that, perverting that call, and becoming 'as one of the nations'. The church has the same calling, the calling as 'a royal priesthood'. Given how key this is to understand the nature of calling and the gospel I reproduced a slightly expanded version into a booklet. You can access and download it (A Redemptive Trajectory) through the menu item: