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The pages in this section are available to those who have completed a Zoom Group, hence the passcode protection. The three pages - this one, 'Background to the Books' and 'Wider Resources' are not passcode protected and can be accessed freely.

Tell me about the Zoom Courses

The zoom course which accompanies (book 1) Humanising the Divine runs over 8 weeks in groups of between 5 - 12 people (there is more use of 'breakout rooms' if the group is larger). The zooms consist of a mixture of input from myself, discussions, questions and personal experiences. Each session lasts about an hour with another optional 30 minutes for additional questions and socialising.

There is a small but not insignificant amount of pre-work for each chapter (we cover a chapter each week) which will greatly enhance the experience. Any suggested follow up work is entirely optional.

(Later books are not covered chapter by chapter but normally in 2-3 chapters and are every other week.)

If the idea of joining a zoom group appeals please register your interest by filling in the form that follows, giving as much detail concerning your availability as you can. I will do what I can to shape a group so that it will be a positive environment for each person, trying to mix the people in that way. However, it requires us all to approach the discussion with openness and respect.

(Dates, availability and times are somewhat flexible and you will be able to identify what does / does not work for you.)

Cost of the Zooms

I do not want cost to be prohibitive to joining a group. For that reason I am suggesting a voluntary donation, maybe around £50.00 / 50,00€. That is totally voluntary. Should you wish to join a zoom discussion group and consider that later, or if you are unable to (or simply choose not to) make a contribution that is totally fine.

You can make a donation through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to do this, link below), or if you prefer you can contact me and I can send you bank details.

Purchasing the books

The books come in two forms: hardback and eBook. The hardback is available from all main stockists. It is print on demand so the cost simply covers the publication price, the eBooks come in two formats. One will be read on any eBook reader and is in epub format; the other is for kindles, using the mobi format. It is not available via Amazon so has to be loaded on to a kindle slightly differently. All books are available from the Boz Publications web-site: click on image below to be directed there.

Accessing the eBook on reader / tablet / phone

There are instructions on the Boz Website which I replicate here. I have decided not to put the eBook on the Amazon site (should be no surprises there for anyone who has read posts from this site!). Hence the instruction for the Kindle compatible version is a little more complex.

Kindle version
Instructions to add (eg) HUMANISING to your Kindle.

  • Go to your Kindle Personal Documents Settings page.
  • Under Approved Personal Document E-mail List, add your email address.
  • Under Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings, find and record your Kindle's email address. This address should end in
  • Attach the .mobie book file to an email, send it to your Kindle's email address.
  • HUMANISING should appear in your Kindle library.

e-Pub version
Compatible with all e-book readers.
Instructions to add HUMANISING to the majority of digital tablets and mobile devices.

  • Locate the saved .epub file.
  • Open via preferred reading app.
  • HUMANISING should appear in your library.

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In the following fields indicate your best available times. Preferably in 24hour format (e.g. 14:00). I will assume you are entering according to your time zone. (I have entered examples in for Monday or Tuesday - those examples will not be sent, you will overwrite them.) You can enter any further details in the message box at the bottom of this form.